The general objective of the Department of Veterinary Sciences is to enhance the excellence and research groups that have a rating higher than the national average and also to promote the improvement of the positions of groups currently ranking lower in their scientific disciplinary sector. The specific objectives are: to raise the quality and quantity of research products in all the scientific-disciplinary sectors of the Department of Veterinary Sciences, to increase the link with society and with the production system – in the co-design phase as well as in enhancing the results – to increase the internationalization and collaboration in research projects in the Department of Veterinary Sciences and between the Department and other national and international research centers.

The Department of Veterinary Sciences is organized with a Research Commission aimed at analyzing and facilitating the achievement of the above mentioned research objectives and with an Editorial Committee whose task is to raise the quality of communication on research in the Department of Veterinary Sciences.

The Department of Veterinary Sciences has active scientific-disciplinary sectors AGR (AGR01, AGR02, AGR10, AGR17, AGR18, AGR19, AGR20), BIO (BIO05, BIO10), and VET (VET01, VET02, VET03, VET04, VET05, VET06, VET07, VET08, VET09, VET10).

The research is developed through laboratory and clinical structures, where the activities of the single scientific-disciplinary sectors and of the single related researchers are carried out.

The research is funded through local, national and international projects, or in agreement with specific public and private bodies.

Improving the quality of research is a central commitment of the Department of Veterinary Sciences with the aim of contributing to the development of scientific knowledge and, at the same time, developing positive impacts for society.