Research Lines

  • Research about markers of inflammation, urinary and cardiac damage, and liver diseases in different species
  • Research about several aspects of management, diagnosis and therapy concerning hematological, hepatic, and neoplastic diseases, dialytic techniques and critical patients monitoring
  • Research about clinical indices and ultrasonographic and echocardiographic parameters for the diagnosis and the evaluation of prognosis in cardiac patients (small animals, bovine, and equids)
  • Research in equids and bovine neonatology
  • Study about the impact of a herd health monitoring plan on small dairy farms in Tuscany
  • Research about different aspects of the management, treatment and hospitalization of the local wildlife referred to Veterinary Structures

Academic Staff

Dott.ssa Francesca Bonelli

Dott.ssa Ilaria Lippi

Prof.ssa Veronica Marchetti

Prof.ssa Micaela Sgorbini

Prof.ssa Rosalba Tognetti