Department of Veterinary Sciences

The main headquarters of the Department of Veterinary Sciences (Former Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) was inaugurated in 1965 and is located in Pisa in Viale delle Piagge 2. On March 1, 2000, the first lot of the San Piero a Grado Department site was inaugurated. The University plans to transfer the entire Department of Veterinary Sciences to the San Piero site, with the construction of new buildings that will house both research and teaching activities. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) is at the San Piero a Grado site. Both in the Pisa and San Piero sites there are accredited laboratories that carry out research and service activities for the outside world. For its training and research activities, the Department of Veterinary Sciences also makes use of the company structures of the E. Avanzi Agro-environmental Research Center, where there are livestock and vegetable production activities.
The Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Pisa promotes educational, research and third mission activities, within a multidisciplinary framework, according to a strategic plan approved by the Department Council. The progression of the Strategic Plan was verified in November 2019. The Strategic Plan was then analyzed by the University Quality Assessment Unit during its inspection visit, as shown in the Visit Report.

The list of staff belonging to the Department of Veterinary Sciences is available on the University website.


The activities of the Department are managed through the Headship (Director and Vice-Director), the Department Board, the Quality Assurance Manager, the Council, the Joint Faculty-Students Committee. In the management of its activities, the Department head makes use of delegates and specific support commissions (Staff Planning Commission, Internationalization Commission, Research Commission, Editorial Committee, Job Placement Commission, Third Mission Commission, Tutoring Body, Entrance Orientation and Peer Tutoring, Services for disabled students and students with specific learning disabilities).

Biosecurity manual

The manual aims at providing staff, students and stakeholders with adequate knowledge of the main risks related to the Department’s activities and related procedures.


The Administration of the Department is carried out through the Administrative Secretariat, which is in turn organized into three operational units: Research Unit, Teaching Unit and Budget and General Services Unit. The work of the Units is coordinated by the Administrative Manager.

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The “Mario Modenato” Veterinary Teaching Hospital is organized as a Departmental Center within the Department of Veterinary Sciences.


Within the Department of Veterinary Sciences there are several laboratories, where research and third-party activities are carried out.

Animal Facilities