Degree Courses

The Department of Veterinary Sciences offers the following courses: single-cycle five years Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine, three-year Degree Courses in Sciences and Technologies of Animal Production and in Animal Breeding and Dog Education Techniques, Master’s Degree Course in Science and Technology of Animal Production and, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Agri-food and Environmental Sciences, Degree Course in Biosecurity and Food Quality.

Specialization Schools

The Department of Veterinary Sciences provides specialist training in the following areas: Inspection of Foods of Animal Origin, Pathology and Clinic of Companion Animals, Animal Health, Breeding and Livestock Production, Equine Medicine and Surgery.

PhD Course in Veterinary Sciences

The PhD course in Veterinary Sciences trains researchers in the disciplines of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production. It has a multidisciplinary approach also open to graduates who have appropriate training in related disciplines such as chemistry and biology.

The purpose of the PhD course in Veterinary Sciences is to develop research aimed at updating and improving veterinary practice, animal production and animal welfare.

The course aims to guarantee the training and qualification of specialized personnel independent in research. The PhDs are trained to integrate into existing work plans in public/private bodies and are prepared to independently develop new research projects within the disciplines related to the doctorate. The PhD students also have to develop and demonstrate a positive attitude to teamwork and a multidisciplinary approach. Students must spend a period of study/research abroad to improve their language skills and acquire research techniques to enrich their training path. The PhD course in Veterinary Sciences is part of the PhD Plus program of the University of Pisa, aimed at promoting and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among Postdoctoral Scholars and PhD students. PhD students participate in a series of interactive and engaging seminars on business projects led by international experts on innovation and technology transfer.


The Department of Veterinary Sciences organizes first level Master courses open to three-year graduates (Dog Education and Instruction) and second level Master courses open to DVM or specialists (Small Animal Imaging Diagnostics, Food Science: Human Quality, Safety and Nutrition, Veterinary Oncology, Veterinary Ethology and Clinic, Wildlife Management, Control and Conservation, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy for Pets and Unconventional Animals).

Postgraduate Courses

The Department of Veterinary Sciences organizes the following courses: Preparatory course in animal-assisted intervention (AAI) Basic course for veterinarians in AAI, Basic course for dog trainer in AAI, Advanced course in AAI.