Research Lines

  • Epidemiology of endoparasites and ectoparasites in domestic, wildlife, and unconventional animals, with a particular interest in zoonotic parasitic diseases. These studies are carried out using basic parasitological, serological, and molecular techniques
  • Evaluation of the antiparasitic properties of essential oils and products of natural origin
  • Epidemiological study in domestic, wildlife, and unconventional animals of protozoa transmitted by arthropods (Leishmania, Babesia, Theileria, Hepatozoon and Cytauxzoon) and of Toxoplasma gondii, of gastrointestinal and cardiorespiratory helminths, of arthropods and mycetes, evaluated from a serological, molecular, and immunological point of view
  • In vitro and in vivo sensitivity of nematodes, fungi, and arthropods to synthetic molecules, extracts and pure natural principles is also evaluated
  • Parasites of human interest in developing countries, with particular attention to zoonotic aspects from a One Health perspective
  • Epidemiological study in parasites isolated from fish

Academic Staff

Dott. Fabio Macchioni 

Prof.ssa Francesca Mancianti 

Prof. Roberto Amerigo Papini 

Prof.ssa Stefania Perrucci