Research Lines

  • Assessment of the microbiological and chemical risk (biogenic amines, heavy metals) in game meats, cheeses, cured meats and fish products; Assessment of the shelf-life of foods of animal origin. Bacteriostatic / bactericidal action of natural substances against pathogenic and altering microorganisms. Effect of acidifying or protective lactic cultures, in relation to individual technological processes, with particular reference to artisanal productions
  • Analysis of food safety management systems; computerization and application of smart technologies in food safety management; analysis of new training models for food safety operators
  • Risk assessment and management of the causes of food allergy and intolerance in food supply chains; Organizational models of Official Control: Management of professional skills and good operating practices in food safety and veterinary public health
  • Application of DNA-based techniques (including NGS) to food authentication; Risk assessment and management related to the presence of zoonotic parasites and toxic species in fishery products; Differentiation of fresh and frozen fishery products by histological methods

Academic Staff

Prof. Andrea Armani

Prof. Carlo D’Ascenzi

Prof.ssa Alessandra Guidi

Prof.ssa Roberta Nuvoloni

Prof.ssa Francesca Pedonese

Dott.ssa Lara Tinacci