Research Lines

  • Veterinary ophthalmology: effects of systemic hypertension at the ophthalmic level in dogs and cats; eyelid surgery in dogs; bird ophthalmology
  • Veterinary surgery: respiratory syndrome of brachycephalic dog breeds
  • Therapeutic applications of ozone in small animals
  • Locoregional anaesthesia, clinical use of dexmedetomidine, hemodynamic monitoring of critically ill and under anaesthesia patients; non-invasive ventilation, management of osteoarthritis pain in dogs and cats
  • Development of an ERAS protocol for the management of the surgical patient in emergency; minimally invasive tracheostomy techniques
  • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the study of renal perfusion in dogs with acute nephropathy
  • Shear Wave Elastography for the study of kidney and liver disease
  • Characterization of tomographic pictures of metastatic lesions in dogs and cats
  • Lymphotomography for the characterization of tributary lymph nodes in canine cutaneous mastocytoma

Academic Staff

Prof. Giovanni Barsotti

Prof.ssa Angela Briganti

Prof.ssa Simonetta Citi

Dott. Pierre Melanie