Research Lines

  • Quality of milk and meat in cattle, sheep, goats and poultry with particular reference to the composition of the lipid fraction
  • Antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity of short-chain fatty acids and some natural products, in the context of poultry, rabbit and pig production
  • New analytical methods for the determination of the lipid component of milk fat, bovine, sheep and goat cheese as well as the determination of the component in synthesized or modified fatty acids during rumen biohydrogenations
  • Agro-industrial by-products in the feeding of livestock
  • Preliminary studies of nutrigenomics
  • Integration with polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3) in various physiological situations (maintenance, physical activity, elderly dog) and during functional activities, such as in guide dogs for the blind and in diabetic alert dogs
  • Effect of chondro-protectors in the physical rehabilitation of dogs and palatability studies on different types of dietary feeds
  • Ecological sustainability of nutritional and feed aspects in wildlife

Academic Staff

Dott.ssa Lucia Casini

Prof.ssa Sara Minieri