Research Lines

  • Analysis of genetic variability: the aim of these studies was to analyse the genetic variability of dog breeds, sheep breeds and bovine breeds, through morphological, genealogical and molecular data
  • Breed traceability of sheep meat: the searches aim to evaluate the feasibility of a method to track the breed origin of sheep meat all along the production chain using molecular methods (STR markers and coat colours)
  • Characterization of the ASIP gene in black-and-tan Doberman Pinscher and brindle Boxer dogs
  • Analysis of the bovine genome using SNP markers: integrated approach that combines the analysis of the bovine genome using SNP markers and breeding systems, in order to identify genotypes and breeding practices capable of responding to change climatic
  • Candidate genes for genetic resistance to bacterial and viral infections in livestock animals and in wild species
  • Study on the climatic and genetic heritage of goat and sheep species and of all Italian bovine breeds with genomic SNP data

Academic Staff

Prof.ssa Francesca Cecchi

Prof.ssa Roberta Ciampolini