English Courses

The Department of Veterinary Sciences offers a variety of courses held in English, addressed to both its students and students partecipating in Erasmus and other exchange programmes.

The following courses in English, each of 3 credits, are held in the second semester, for more details please click on “Course title”.

English Courses:

Course title Credits
1 Advanced knowledge in business and management of veterinary clinics 3
2 Farming systems of unconventional livestock   “not activated in the academic year 21/22” 3
3 Ultrastructural Morphology 3
4 Animal welfare and ethics in the relationship with the human being   “not activated in the academic year 21/22” 3
5 Clinical Neuropathology 3
6 Small Animal Oncology 3
7 Diagnostics for infectious diseases 3
8 Veterinary fungal diseases   “not activated in the academic year 21/22” 3
9 Chemical Residues in Food of Animal Origin 3
10 Advanced assessment in large animal internal medicine 3
11 Loco-regional anaesthesia advanced techniques 3
12 Advanced reproductive technologies in domestic mammals 3