If you are a nominated Erasmus student – mobility for study (further info on nomination are available HERE) and you must work on your Learning Agreement Before, please, see the didactic offer available and choose the subjects in the ECTS catalogue of your interest, according to the following degrees.

Veterinary Medicine – Master’s Degree
Animal Production Science and Technology – Bachelor’s degree
Animal Breeding Techniques and Dog Training – Bachelor’s degree
Animal Production Science and Technology – Master’s degree

Main language of instruction: Italian

Other language of Instruction: English (only free activity courses – Italian “corsi opzionali” – and advanced courses – Italian “corsi avanzati”.


FOCUS ON FREE ACTIVITIES – “corsi opzionali” and “corsi avanzati”

Free activity and advanced courses are mainly delivered in English.


– free activities of the Veterinary Medicine Master’s Degree will be activated only if three Erasmus students or five students (both Italian and Erasmus) will choose them; these courses are delivered only in the Spring Term (mid-February-July)

– advanced courses of the “Animal Production Science and Technology” Degree can be delivered both in Winter Term and/or in Spring Term

The list of the courses held in English is available HERE


IMPORTANT suggestions for a correct LA Before:

  • please DO NOT FORGET to include also course codes, otherwise it is impossible for the International Office to check your LA Before


  • Please, send your LA Before in WORD FORMAT so that we can check and, if needed, edit in case of mistakes or missing information


For any information, please contact the International Relations Office




After your Home University has nominated you to study at the University of Pisa and you have received our email of acceptance, please, proceed with the online application procedure in the Eramus Mobility Portal

In order to apply you must follow these steps:

  1. Register to ALICE portal (see instructions available in the Eramus Mobility Portal) and wait for 48 hours, then
  2. Activate your UNIPI credentials here
  3. Apply in the online Erasmus Mobility Portal



Please note that, in the online application you must upload:

* Learning Agreement Before duly signed by all the 3 parties (sending institution, receiving institution and student)


*  Copy of your documents (ID or PASSPORT in pdf format)


*  a photo in passport format (jpg, pdf or png format)


*  proof of the knowledge of Italian language (A2 certified as described HERE)


For further information on the UNIPI application process, please visit the Erasmus Mobility Portal (“INCOMING students” area)