Institutions and Companies

Interested companies and institutions can develop collaboration activities with the Department of Veterinary Sciences (DVS)  concerning research, training and joint development of services.

Research activities:

Interested companies and institutions that have specific issues requiring the development of innovative solutions and applied research can contact the DVS for the development of targeted research initiatives and the creation of partnerships, also with the intention of jointly participating in national and EU funding and tenders opportunities. For specific requests, please contact the Research Unit of the Department.

Training activities:

Students of degree courses and specialization schools active in the DVS are required or can carry out Professional Practical  training periods at companies and institutions that have an agreement for this purpose, or carry out thesis activities related to the development of business solutions. In order to carry out  training initiatives, the company or institution available to welcome students must submit the proposed agreement on the University portal, following rrelevant instructions.

Spinoff construction

The collaboration between the DVS and companies or institutions can result in the creation of  specific spinoffs in which the entrepreneurial capacity enters into formalized collaboration with the research structures so as to generate innovative services and products. For contacts: Research Unit of the DVS.

Collaborations for school activities

Interested high schools can create collaborations with the DVS for the development of specific training initiatives and projects, including actions related to school-work alternation activities or specific seminars and innovative training activities. For contacts: Teaching Unit of the DVS.

Collaborations for the joint development of services and initiatives to support the community

Interested institutions and companies can develop collaborations with the DVS for the joint organization of services and for the development of initiatives to support the local and national community. For contacts and information: Administrative Manager of the DVS.


Companies and private institutions interested in making donations to the DVS can contact;

Job placement for graduates

Companies interested in selecting staff from among the graduates of degree courses, masters and specialization schools organized by the DVS can send a request to the job placement office.